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If you happen to make an unpleasant remark on something or on someone, make sure it’s updated. You never know time is constantly changing and to assume that you know everything.. make sure of it, otherwise better keep your thoughts to yourself.

Everything I post in here is based on MY opinion …. and my opinion alone. I don’t have the time to write everything that has happen in my life on a daily basis. I only write those that I don’t mind others to read. The purpose of this is just to express myself, my opinions, and to let out my negative vibe, in order for me to free myself of it, otherwise it will only consume me. And also to document my experiences, so I won’t forget.

As life goes on, we do learn something… I do learn something. Oh… and I might miss or misspelled words in here or use wrong grammar… well excuse me.. I’m always in a rush to get back..and sometimes I don’t bother to update on things.


…. Changing again this menus…

I wont place anymore TVD’s here… it goes to my Tumblr NYX since I don’t have much time to be placing 2 sites that are both same files…
I got plenty of things to do and I got blogs to provide and each are different genre.. and I’m too freakin’ tired and tense..
I got TVD – Nyx …
The love for my pets and animals, posting anything about pets and animal – Paws And Claws
My arts manipulations – Deviantarts (I do wanted to post also the pics I used in making that piece -if I still got the energy to do so)
My journal – here
and my random photos and other pics that’s in my HD.. I’m gonna save it here and in my photobucket.
.. I need to clean up also my files in my HD.. alot of junks in there..

I wanted to dispose any clutter in my freakin’ HD, so I’m getting rid of my photos and files..
and time consumes me when I still play FarmVille…oh yeah, It’s in my system and I can’t remove that easily, though I wanted to.. it’s keeping me from doing other things specially when I’m at home.. net is too damn slow and it just frustrates me… I do wanted to complete my mastery seeds but all of my longest days of seeds are done.. so I got less of a days.. so meaning I have to open my facebook still on weekends, to check up my crops.. now I’m talking about my freakin’ farmville in here..

I remove my twitter, so I don’t have any place else to shout out my inner side of me anytime and when I write notes.. it’s just garble into trash.. that’s why I don’t write on paper my journals because it looks really scraps.. and I do want to remember all, even the little things that happened and thoughts.. the problem is.. I’m just too lazy and it seems time is just too damn fast for me.. (I will make something art about it) I still have 2 pics line up that I’m working on.. because I’ve done something that is not my plan of idea. Join some contest.. in DA

A note: If you’re bored and nothing else to do… just blog it! That will consume your time..