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If you happen to make an unpleasant remark on something or on someone, make sure it’s updated. You never know time is constantly changing and to assume that you know everything.. make sure of it, otherwise better keep your thoughts to yourself.

Everything I post in here is based on MY opinion …. and my opinion alone. I don’t have the time to write everything that has happen in my life on a daily basis. I only write those that I don’t mind others to read. The purpose of this is just to express myself, my opinions, and to let out my negative vibe, in order for me to free myself of it, otherwise it will only consume me. And also to document my experiences, so I won’t forget.

As life goes on, we do learn something… I do learn something. Oh… and I might miss or misspelled words in here or use wrong grammar… well excuse me.. I’m always in a rush to get back..and sometimes I don’t bother to update on things.


I Don't Get It

Twitter…. I use to think it spelled Tweeter, since its from the term “tweet”. Anyway.. I don’t exactly know when it began..since I’m just freakin’ new… come to think of it, I’m confuse to what its purpose and I have questions about it.

Most celebrities & DJ’s kept on saying to follow them and some use the term “stalk” them. As far as I know, they do prefer a private life away from the crowd and besides, what is the point of following them in Twitter if I can’t even get close to them or even know them better?? Even in my local places,  I’m sure they wont allow themselves to “get together and hang with a fan” , though sometimes, I’m interested to know what they actually posts and what have they been doing. But I can easily bookmark it and no need to follow.

Lately, I’ve learn that if you are a follower of someone or something, every posts that they make automatically you get updates. Its convenient, IF you are following a blogger who informs readers.  I never really thought of following anyone or anything, I just shout it out in my Twitter.

I once listen to a conversation in radio about Twitter, sometimes it has its own cons. Some people are pressure to make their lives more meaningful in order for them to “tweet it out” just to say that they are interesting… or if you read about others tweets, you start seeing yourself like you are nothing in society…

…well, its a piece crap.. trying to show people what you only wanted them to think and to avoid being hated or saying unpleasant things, they will have to act nice and keep accepting whatever.  I don’t see any point in following anyone….though I am really tempted. I am thinking about following my DJ crush, but its really so obvious in that way and besides, he is not really tweeting type kinda guy. He hardly posts anything. According to his few tweets, he likes the rain and photography but he never post any pics that he takes and share it. At least some people have no doubts to share some pics.. like Marf. That guy has no boundaries.. even little things, he post and tweets about it.

Anyway…let’s go back to the topic at hand. I still have few questions that keeps me wondering..

-Do others sees the posts  whom I  follow?
– How will I know if someone checked my profile, I once  discover that, but I forgot already what button to click..
-What is Listed means?
-Do others see what I’m seeing in my profile? I hope they wont bother to read my ridiculous tweets. Alot are crazy stuff and humiliating tweets.

Twitter for me is just my personal shout box to the world. My inner thoughts from the moment I post it. Its the imperfection and simplicity of me. It only helps me to connect all my blogs into one and just a way of expressing freely not knowing who reads and who don’t. So, I’m not a fan of Tweeter..  😉

Does this make any sense?