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There is something about him that I can’t seem to let go.

Trying to figure him out everything about him.

His moods. His attitude. The way he thinks.

Why am I so damn freakin attached??!!

Am I obssessed??

Am I so curious to know his character,

that I’m willing to be drawn to him??

Risking my values and traditions of the old ways

(sounds like LOTR) middle earth??

Sometimes I find myself being lost without him.

That I do not know if we part ways

I don’t want to be literally insane.

For I might lose my life.

It really doesn’t make sense,

why I am damn attracted!

I am like a snake that wraps around him.

but I don’t want him to suffucate by my obssessions.

That even the smallest behavior tends to give meaning

by my constant observations and analysis.

I’m afraid I might lose my pride

just to be close, even if I’m tired, I still go on.

But when I’m with him, I don’t feel tired like a heavy burden.

I feel normal, even if I lack sleep or my head hurts.

I just don’t know why!

I don’t want to be depended on someone,

whom I am not sure of what he thinks and feels for me.

I’m sure of I what I feel and it will never fade.

How about him?

For that is the question I truely seek

UPDATE: 02.15.12

Damn! After reading this again… way too extreme




Never again will our path cross
for you have left me behind.
Excluded, forgotten and denied
like I never existed.

We are friends but neither close nor far from strangers
I leave you with no concern nor hate.
For you do your way, and I do mine.

You speak too much
and never listens
A jack of all trades
yet master of non
Intrigued to all,
yet on shallow grounds.

One friend wont make any difference
When one fades away.
For your eyes sees far and wide
And a lot to spare in your way.

I am a ghost that does not speak
a nameless fool yet trying to be meek
excluded not included I’ve always been
so be it may hidden in the eyes of you.


Posted: September 13, 2011 in Poetry
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The 2nd generation from Kitty.
Remain immature, yet the only who lived long among her other 2 siblings.
She always sits on my lap and everybody’s,
even on strangers and visitors as well.
She’s not that furry or pretty,
but I still love and care never the less.

For 2-3 days we search, thinking she’d run away,
but I know she wouldn’t, for here is her home.
Today, finally she laid to rest,
with mother nature’s embrace.
I will miss her sitting on lap.
Her companion and sweetness, I will miss her.
I never gotten to see her in those last days.
But finally is peace, I pray.
Sweep Sweepy.

*Giving too much effort on someone can be frustrating, specially when it’s not appreciated.

Silence …. a simple word that leads to many reasons

UPDATE: 07.13.11

A word that simply leads to many…

  •  Don’t know how to react.
  •  Nothing GOOD to say.
  •  Too Lazy to speak.
  •  Means to an END.
  •  Avoiding conflict.
  •  Not a CARE in the world.
  •  No one ever Listens.

……….. SILENCE.

…. what else is there?

*Exception, when done something, even with no words, rather nothing at all.

He greets everyone even from far away lands,

while I listen and do not mind.

But hearing those whom he values and appreciate

Often leaves me feeling small and nothing.

Would it killed him to show some appreciation?

All I ask is a little recognition,

I don’t speak much,

but I listen and support never the less.

I’ve lost faith to ask for songs,

for many times I try, he never listens or acknowledge

Should I not care?

To get rid of my despair.

How long must I try.. trying to be heard.

For all is mention, that leaves nothing else to say.

Some people can easily kills your spirit,

depends whom you look up to..

I just lost mine….

Sometimes, I feel that most DJ’s or other media related,  just seems too stuck up and fakers.. They seem to be so enthusiastic and sounds energetic but, their personality are  somewhat dismay and snobbish. I do have my favorite DJ’s and I guess Koji isn’t my top best anymore. It sad that he doesn’t really cares for me, even he knows how much I adore him or showing some support by focusing only him. I never made any custom message or greetings to any DJ’s except for him.

When I like a person, I have a tendency to make something out of my own effort. I do take time to make something, to let them feel that they are special to me and it hurts me, not hearing anything of recognition, like I never exist.

For me, to be acknowledged by someone who I admire, is more than enough to be happy and a sense of gratification that fulfills it.  It measures the value of ones person to the other, like a self-worth and everybody just wants to feel important. Is that too hard to ask of him? I never for money or love.. just even an ounce of care from a fan.

I hear him on radio, yet his voice is so empty. It felt that time passes by during his shift and I never felt that he ever came on-air. He still poke me back, (whenever he feel like it) but it’s nothing for him. He never reply all my messages before, that came to my senses to lessen it and I just felt that I don’t have anything to say. . .  I just lost the eagerness to know him…

Screen Caption

I wrote this last night in my bed…

“Notes Of Codes”

Notes of codes under my pillow
Gonna sleep through the early night
Dreaming away with pixels, class and numbers
I can not move
I can not rest
Hoping someday or sooner
Solve my troubles and worries away
So to put my thoughts at ease
From this notes of codes ..Oh God please

..not much but I had to write something that really bugs me and my situation.