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  • All I want for Christmas!

Thinking about it and I don’t care if its Samsung or Apple as long as I can render and sketch in the convient of anywhere. Though, Apple is too expensive and I think base on free falling testing, It doesn’t match the durabilty of Samsung Galaxy Tab… so I’m wishing for a Samsung a 10 in would do, but kinda steep…

Damn, I wish I had a fairy godmother who can give me that without breaking a sweat. The only thing I yearn for myself… and I now I have second doubts again for my behalf. Deprivng again. Not complaining just sad.

Thinking about things are easy unlike thinking about people. People are complicated, so I’m focus on a thing I really really want. God, wish we can have a bonus! (I doubt that)


Bonnie Bailey….

… who the hell is Bonnie Bailey??!  I’m sure she doesn’t own an alcholic drink… I don’t even know her, but I’ve search around google and it says that.. she is an independent musician. Her genre are kinda dance techno something.. something..

Honestly,  I really don’t give a damn about her… I’m sure guys are crazy about her. One of them is a guy whom I have a crush on and only now I’ve noticed it. He really likes her and worst… I click the link that Bonnie posted from my crush and I idiotly clicked “like” as well not knowing the story behind.. I don’t even “like”  dance, pop, techno music that much!

The link I’m talking about is this: Link  I’ve listen and saw this and without any bias… the music video / the images used doesn’t really fit the music. The beat is just  way too unappropriate from the images I’ve seen. Any emotional feel, when mixed with a fast pace dance beat, doesn’t seem authentic. The message of the song is nice… but I really don’t feel the message.  Its a disco dance music something .. for crying out loud! Its suppose to get you dance.. not to emote on it.. so why make post images that reflects on sad emotions??    

I think its better to make an independent music video that clearly shows dance moves and some dramatisation.  Its really unappropriate to make a song that tells emotional support since I find it unsincere. Improvise and I’m sure it doesn’t cost that much to make a dance video… it doesn’t need to have an usher / ne-yo like type of video, without any effects… Sometimes, it doesn’t need any effects to have an awesome dance video, from that, it will show how skillful an artist work. Effects only enhance a video, but the beat of the music carries all.