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  • I’m Freeeee  from facebook addiction!

  • All I want for Christmas!

Thinking about it and I don’t care if its Samsung or Apple as long as I can render and sketch in the convient of anywhere. Though, Apple is too expensive and I think base on free falling testing, It doesn’t match the durabilty of Samsung Galaxy Tab… so I’m wishing for a Samsung a 10 in would do, but kinda steep…

Damn, I wish I had a fairy godmother who can give me that without breaking a sweat. The only thing I yearn for myself… and I now I have second doubts again for my behalf. Deprivng again. Not complaining just sad.

Thinking about things are easy unlike thinking about people. People are complicated, so I’m focus on a thing I really really want. God, wish we can have a bonus! (I doubt that)


DarkSide RS

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Random
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Silence …. a simple word that leads to many reasons

UPDATE: 07.13.11

A word that simply leads to many…

  •  Don’t know how to react.
  •  Nothing GOOD to say.
  •  Too Lazy to speak.
  •  Means to an END.
  •  Avoiding conflict.
  •  Not a CARE in the world.
  •  No one ever Listens.

……….. SILENCE.

…. what else is there?

*Exception, when done something, even with no words, rather nothing at all.

He greets everyone even from far away lands,

while I listen and do not mind.

But hearing those whom he values and appreciate

Often leaves me feeling small and nothing.

Would it killed him to show some appreciation?

All I ask is a little recognition,

I don’t speak much,

but I listen and support never the less.

I’ve lost faith to ask for songs,

for many times I try, he never listens or acknowledge

Should I not care?

To get rid of my despair.

How long must I try.. trying to be heard.

For all is mention, that leaves nothing else to say.

Some people can easily kills your spirit,

depends whom you look up to..

I just lost mine….

Sometimes, I feel that most DJ’s or other media related,  just seems too stuck up and fakers.. They seem to be so enthusiastic and sounds energetic but, their personality are  somewhat dismay and snobbish. I do have my favorite DJ’s and I guess Koji isn’t my top best anymore. It sad that he doesn’t really cares for me, even he knows how much I adore him or showing some support by focusing only him. I never made any custom message or greetings to any DJ’s except for him.

When I like a person, I have a tendency to make something out of my own effort. I do take time to make something, to let them feel that they are special to me and it hurts me, not hearing anything of recognition, like I never exist.

For me, to be acknowledged by someone who I admire, is more than enough to be happy and a sense of gratification that fulfills it.  It measures the value of ones person to the other, like a self-worth and everybody just wants to feel important. Is that too hard to ask of him? I never for money or love.. just even an ounce of care from a fan.

I hear him on radio, yet his voice is so empty. It felt that time passes by during his shift and I never felt that he ever came on-air. He still poke me back, (whenever he feel like it) but it’s nothing for him. He never reply all my messages before, that came to my senses to lessen it and I just felt that I don’t have anything to say. . .  I just lost the eagerness to know him…

Like most people, I do love to listen to music. I appreciate different kinds of genre, but not much in rap and jazz. I don’t even like dance, disco techno type music.. since I’m not into disco.. I never even step foot on that kind of place… I’m more into bands stuff so… disco and pubs are not my thing, but I wish I would like to experience it before I die… ehehe..

Anyway, melodramatic, love songs are fine with me even when I’m feeling depressed and lonely…  I usually listen mellow songs on the radio during night time when i’m about to sleep. Its sort of a lulluby for me.. I usually listens to the radio 24/7 .. because it opens up new songs out there and for me not be secluded since I’m already having my own freakin’ world…

Love songs don’t have any effect on me, since I don’t cry from songs. (I admit that I’m very emotional)… but only 2 songs in particular made an impact on me the 1st time I heard it… Just tears rolled down my face.. because it really has a sad vibe to it that I really can’t explain.. here is the 2 songs that is very memorable even I didn’t experirence this..  (1 song)  but te 2nd one, just remind me of a lost friend I had before..

You can check what songs I’ve cried: LINK

Alter Bridge

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Music
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Lately I heard this song and it really got me interested.. so I checked and discovered that this band is formly known as Creed!
I had loved the Creed because of their awesome lyrics and musics and eventhough they undergone contraversy before I never stopped loving their music and ’til today.. I appreciate the Creed Songs.

Alter Bridge are consists of lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips….. con’t.. need to work 1st.. 😉