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I damned you to hell! Conceited and Ungrateful bastard! I do pray that aids will get you soon for you to change and humble yourself. With all the casual sex in your life; the hoes you’ve tried and the previous exes. No LOVE nor COMPASSION will ever come to you from this day forth. Admiration will bring them close, but no one will ever remain for as soon as they sees inside you, your glory will soon fade. You are Not God’s gift to women but only a curse of ever knowing as I have known the dark side of you. You never Loved anyone but yourself and so You shall be bound forever to live alone for the rest of your life. Surrounded by luxury clothes that in time will turn to rags that reflects your true character as I have seen it. 

You never suffered enough to realize anything I’ve done that I was with you. You given me that burden and force. Enslaving me thinking its submissive but its not. Cussing me more than once for not doing EVERYTHING you demanded. Who are you to order me around like a mindless puppet? Do I deserve to be mistreated like you have??? Abused and harassed with your fouled mouth.

With just a simple act of my ignorance and a plea for some equality, I bring out the Worst in you?  You never know what you have done to me that You are the WORST of all people I’ve known and so you bring out the Demon in me. You have put me to hell even for a short time that I’ve spent with you. No other will ever come after me. Disrespectful you man hoe.

I damned you to hell over and over again!!! All that I’ve written here are no more than a whispering words of anger, that through time will never cease until be true. 


Never again will our path cross
for you have left me behind.
Excluded, forgotten and denied
like I never existed.

We are friends but neither close nor far from strangers
I leave you with no concern nor hate.
For you do your way, and I do mine.

You speak too much
and never listens
A jack of all trades
yet master of non
Intrigued to all,
yet on shallow grounds.

One friend wont make any difference
When one fades away.
For your eyes sees far and wide
And a lot to spare in your way.

I am a ghost that does not speak
a nameless fool yet trying to be meek
excluded not included I’ve always been
so be it may hidden in the eyes of you.

What is the worst thing that you did to your friends???

Hmm… well in my case.. usually some of my so called friends have done something which ended up my worst act to them…. being to shut them out of my life, hoping for me to forget all there is about them. No word of goodbyes, communication, avoid and the worst part of me is keeping that hate inside of me, which I can never remove, no matter how I wanted to be… good.

“Friends don’t manipulate friends, they help each other” -The Vampire Diaries Katherine

The only thing that can free me from everything I hate and the people that caused it, is to leave them and forget, but as we know we can never forget all that has given us that impact to remind us of somethings. Only death can be done.

Everyday, I struggle to be part of society by going to work. Dealing with all kinds of people and sometimes I just wanted to give up, hide myself where I don’t want to know anyone. Sometimes, people are cruel and I really can’t stand it. I know I have to be strong, never cry for they see it, they think that I am weak. The only reason why I cry is that I really can’t say or do things I want, even to defend myself for reasoning. I control my anger, my frustrations, my disappointment sometimes to the people I work with. What I think of them and some situations that has falls on me. All of these are kept hidden inside me and the only thing I let out is tears.

They are nice, but trustworthy… not. You can’t avoid competitions, proving that they are the best in what they do, know-it all and famous closer to the boss. Competitions even if there isn’t. I really don’t care if I’m the best or not in what I do, I’m just doing my job, making ends meet and live through the day each day. I have no intentions of superiorities, kissing ass or making myself be favorable. I just mind my own business when I work.

Gossips, bullying, harassment, back stabbing, subordinating and sabotage one colleague can be experience in a work place depending in what kind of people you work with. We really can’t avoid those kind no matter we mean no harm. I guess some people just seems threaten of ever knowing one capabilities really are. They try to limit information that would help each others of doing a better job performance. They didn’t realize that not only their colleague’s performance fails but the company as well, for they hinder the growth of making progress…

Sometimes, knowing what your colleagues are doing, just seems sad and it’s hard to brush it aside for you realize their character. We are all doing our jobs and want the same thing – and that is to progress, respect and feel self-worthy in a company. If people are always feeling threaten or envy by each other… who is to suffer in the end? … cooperation among piers and helping each other out is the key to have a good work environment.

… I do believe in Karma and the manner on how you treat others, will surely get back at you, one way or the other.

The way to be progressive is bring those who is helping with you go up, not pull them down, just to make them a step-ladder in your personal gain.

Do you really think that we free?

As for me, I don’t think so. Freedom is just a myth in my book – If it were, there wont be any laws to abide, ethics or conscience to uphold me in any way. Be judged upon by people.

We are entitle of free will to make our own choice of actions, but no matter how we make our own decisions, there is always someone who judge us for good or bad things we do. Law and ethics restrict us from ever doing anything we want, though I’m not complaining, for without these responsibilities, we have no order in life.

Freedom of expression…. freedon of speech … or freedom itself, is simply a word. It’s like a glass jar that only can be seen beyond the borders, yet felt the boundaries that keep us back.

Freedom truely exist those who are mentally ill, or maybe criminals, the rebels that goes against the system… that is freedom. Without guilt, without responsibility.. without restriction from the law and society. And if people practice their freedom… good luck with them for in my mind, I am not free.



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Note: Usually we are caught up in the things that matters in order to survive, to fulfill our needs, but sometimes we should not let our worries and troubles pull us down and rob us from the goodness in life… try to live a little. It is ok to get side track once in awhile a have a good laugh.

If you happen to make an unpleasant remark on something or on someone, make sure it’s updated. You never know time is constantly changing and to assume that you know everything.. make sure of it, otherwise better keep your thoughts to yourself.

Everything I post in here is based on MY opinion …. and my opinion alone. I don’t have the time to write everything that has happen in my life on a daily basis. I only write those that I don’t mind others to read. The purpose of this is just to express myself, my opinions, and to let out my negative vibe, in order for me to free myself of it, otherwise it will only consume me. And also to document my experiences, so I won’t forget.

As life goes on, we do learn something… I do learn something. Oh… and I might miss or misspelled words in here or use wrong grammar… well excuse me.. I’m always in a rush to get back..and sometimes I don’t bother to update on things.