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If you happen to make an unpleasant remark on something or on someone, make sure it’s updated. You never know time is constantly changing and to assume that you know everything.. make sure of it, otherwise better keep your thoughts to yourself.

Everything I post in here is based on MY opinion …. and my opinion alone. I don’t have the time to write everything that has happen in my life on a daily basis. I only write those that I don’t mind others to read. The purpose of this is just to express myself, my opinions, and to let out my negative vibe, in order for me to free myself of it, otherwise it will only consume me. And also to document my experiences, so I won’t forget.

As life goes on, we do learn something… I do learn something. Oh… and I might miss or misspelled words in here or use wrong grammar… well excuse me.. I’m always in a rush to get back..and sometimes I don’t bother to update on things.


Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, specially in the corporate world. Just when you know people in the corporate world knows it all, they are some idiots still make a huge mistake that cause one simple act.

That act is copying. Anything that you find in the web, whether an article, a photo, or a work of art and claim it be your own is a violation that you can be suited for. People find it easy just to get any resources in net, but they never understand that there are people writers/ artists who created it and some are strictly not to be copied, that is why some photos / images have “Copyright” logo are embed with it. Once you have seen those kind, you never copy that image, not unless you ask permission or if possible buy it from the author or artist.

To get resources without proper guidelines makes you look unprofessional

Never ever copy the exact thing and be stupid enough to publish and distribute it in the World Wide Web or to the masses for you may signing yourself a law suit for you can never know who watches us. It is better to play dumb and let others know your capabilities and skills than acting smart and know NOTHING in what you are doing, for a simple mistake like copying with no other inputs involves can easily shows how incompetent you are. There is no shame in asking and admitting things that we don’t know, because there are also people that involves, for your incompetent and these are the people who trusted you.

Though she sits alone in darkness, she prays for someone to love and be loved.

Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person experiences a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social relationships. However, it is a subjective experience.[1] Loneliness has also been described as social pain – a psychological mechanism meant to alert an individual of undesired isolation and motivate her/him to seek social connections.[2] -reference

The word seems so familiar to me and yet seems strange.. that I had to look for a definition to it, just to understand. There are times that I do feel lonely, in spite the people around you, you still feel empty inside and practically dead.

I have checked my previous artworks, since most I’ve done reflects on how I feel and my mood. It’s true most that I wrote and done are about sadness and pain, but not because that I’m alone… it’s because of the people who caused me sadness that disappoints me from friendship and family… and only now I realize that I don’t think about living the rest of my life being alone, though I definitely feel it… I still hope and pray that someday I will meet a guy who will love me true and all that dreamy aspect of it.. or maybe my soul mate will come for me, but just died… who knows what each and everyone holds for their future.. Of course its sad and even scary to be alone, for it is every person fears it, other than death. But I guess the point of being alone is to understand deeper yourself and trying to change on how things would go and don’t let that loneliness pull you down or even lose yourself in the process for the sake of companionship.. for sometimes being alone gives you a peace of mind. It’s how you handle yourself, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.. never lose that hope of ever finding the right person for you and ….for me as well, but as we wait.. don’t think too much of it for True Love finds its way when it is the right time. It’s not to be rushed.  I know it sounds cliché , but that’s how life goes. Do not let other dreams held back in living your life to the fullest for we have only one. 

UPDATE: (June 3, 2011)
This article is about being alone in a sense of not having someone to love and wanted to be loved, a companionship, but just lately, I didn’t realize that there are people who do feel lonely, in a sense of sex… Man! (I’m such a… blank.) Yeah, I kinda understand that sense of depression or a problematic scenario, though I honestly can’t relate to that feeling since I never done it… the urge of having sex… it really doesn’t concern me.. I have my own problems which is more important than sex..
Anyway, I do know someone who take this problem way too seriously that often finds herself crying for she misses her ex-husband and “feeling lonely” that she’s afraid to be alone, (probably no sex for a long time). Me and other of her friends often tell her that she don’t need to think about those stuff, since she has a lot more important things.. like taking care of her daughter. But sometimes… no matter how we say the right thing or give good advice, in the end… we, ourselves are the ones who make a choice. To be happy or lonely.. is basically all in the mind. No one wants to be sad forever… and no one will.

*NOTE: I decided to write about being alone, since I read something of it…. maybe some people do feel lonely in a sense of a sex thing.