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Seriously??? O_o I don’t want to think much on politics and economy.. I don’t want to be rebel from it!

As far as I know, the people is suffering more than ever. I never heard any projects been done over a year. Majority of the people is still unemployed. Oil prices, electricity, commodities, are higher than ever! No support from any other organization that can benefit the people’s conservation of energy,life,  food and work in the country. The lack of budgets to serve the people’s interest .. still nothing, but the budget to reconstruct a vice president’s extravangant office is no question about it. or other superficial excuse for a project.

If he prioritize more on corruption, then it’s not enough for a 6year term to be fully free from it! Corruption takes plenty of hard word not only from the government but of the people. If only the people can see the TRUTH and FEEL it… others don’t because they are still not affected on this and they make excuses and defend the person who have already known what he must do to lead it.

Proverty – it’s a long time, major problem of the people and yet no one still have the plan to do so.. By now, there should have solutions or ways to improve our country’s problem, not some petty things to cover up what most people need… 

The Senate and other officials keep feeding us wrong solutions. Misleading us for what is more important. This country needs more jobs.. and I mean jobs here.. not in abroad. Focus more in education, livelyhood, alternative ways to produce more energy, with the help of ever founding new techniques and technology that can actually build new System. It’s better to make something of our own and not to rely on other countries support our system.

If only the people would just help each other and give up for once their selfishness of corrupting, specially in the government and think of the majority of the people’s lives! Our country would be alot better.

I am not against any administration. I am more concern deeply in our fellow citizens state of living and situation, because it is worst than before. I couldn’t care less in politics if it gone to worst.

The success of one’s country, lays on the situation of the people.

If he still can’t do anything about it, or even worsten the problem, then there is actually no difference from any of the other Presidents that came before him. The people expect more from him. Having high hopes and still nothing has been done… just petty alternative solutions. 

 Having done nothing wrong, simply doesn’t count,  if no good deed has been done either.  


Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, specially in the corporate world. Just when you know people in the corporate world knows it all, they are some idiots still make a huge mistake that cause one simple act.

That act is copying. Anything that you find in the web, whether an article, a photo, or a work of art and claim it be your own is a violation that you can be suited for. People find it easy just to get any resources in net, but they never understand that there are people writers/ artists who created it and some are strictly not to be copied, that is why some photos / images have “Copyright” logo are embed with it. Once you have seen those kind, you never copy that image, not unless you ask permission or if possible buy it from the author or artist.

To get resources without proper guidelines makes you look unprofessional

Never ever copy the exact thing and be stupid enough to publish and distribute it in the World Wide Web or to the masses for you may signing yourself a law suit for you can never know who watches us. It is better to play dumb and let others know your capabilities and skills than acting smart and know NOTHING in what you are doing, for a simple mistake like copying with no other inputs involves can easily shows how incompetent you are. There is no shame in asking and admitting things that we don’t know, because there are also people that involves, for your incompetent and these are the people who trusted you.