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After a long pause of writing in WordPress.
I’m back – Going to stop writing my notes in Facebook since I just want to get away.

Last weekend (long weekend) was one of my painful experience. Too much emotional distress that I actually got sick because of him.
I was crying the whole day from the pain in my heart that I felt left out.
And even now, it still hurts just thinking of it.

Runny nose, coughing, migraine – right side, back of my head, chills, feels like I got a fever, but I’m at work and even if slept, the following day I still feel the headache. I took a medication but it’s not good. Felt the pain again, but it’s tolerable now unlike before – every time I move, head hurts. I lost weigh even I ate some a cake. And I thought I gain. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating, even I have some chocolates in me.. I don’t know, maybe later or something (we’ll see) Thirst. I dreamed of drinking too much water – I don’t know if it’s connected but everything I’ve experience in my emotional distress is all here. Dreamed also my late grandmother – As I recall, she was just finished watching a movie and I was preparing my stuff with the help of my mother for school since I’m late.

Nothing but tears of pain. After everything I have done for him, I end up nothing. Many have said that he’s not worth it, but how can I leave him when love blinds me? Even if he have nothing, I just can’t leave him and that is the sad true that I am going through, because I don’t want to loose my life, to be broken, to feel even more pain when he’s gone in my life. To remain nothing more than just a dead memories of the past.

  • I’m Freeeee  from facebook addiction!

  • All I want for Christmas!

Thinking about it and I don’t care if its Samsung or Apple as long as I can render and sketch in the convient of anywhere. Though, Apple is too expensive and I think base on free falling testing, It doesn’t match the durabilty of Samsung Galaxy Tab… so I’m wishing for a Samsung a 10 in would do, but kinda steep…

Damn, I wish I had a fairy godmother who can give me that without breaking a sweat. The only thing I yearn for myself… and I now I have second doubts again for my behalf. Deprivng again. Not complaining just sad.

Thinking about things are easy unlike thinking about people. People are complicated, so I’m focus on a thing I really really want. God, wish we can have a bonus! (I doubt that)

Never again will our path cross
for you have left me behind.
Excluded, forgotten and denied
like I never existed.

We are friends but neither close nor far from strangers
I leave you with no concern nor hate.
For you do your way, and I do mine.

You speak too much
and never listens
A jack of all trades
yet master of non
Intrigued to all,
yet on shallow grounds.

One friend wont make any difference
When one fades away.
For your eyes sees far and wide
And a lot to spare in your way.

I am a ghost that does not speak
a nameless fool yet trying to be meek
excluded not included I’ve always been
so be it may hidden in the eyes of you.