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For every downfall we made, we learn to rise again.

I decided to change my theme, separate my portfolio from the things I love and my hobbies.

I guess this will serve as a “front”, but secondary or whatever site.. since I can’t change my url add. I’m still new in wordpress and learning .Probably retaining my journal page since I might write something in there.

I plan to separate a site that features my love for the Vampire Diaries, my portfolio, my critiques, and my melancholy/ emo mood… *FYI: having to feel depressed is somewhat normal for me.. get real people! Its also part of human emotions! Life isn’t always about sweetness and sunshine. To accept and expressing any hardship and troubles in life is what makes it real for me.

I once heard a DJs talked about who is most likely are the “get even” type and those who are the “get over it” type. She mentions that she understands if the melancholy types have the tendency to be a “get even” type. —–I said to myself: She’s an idiot. I consider myself a melancholy and I NEVER get even…. I leave that behind and remove that person from my life.

How can a person consume with sadness that still has the energy to get even???!! They are more likely concern with themselves and doesn’t even give a damn to take part in any revenge. Who cares… And another misconception of being an “Emo”. Not all are suicidal, self-inflicting, melodramatic crap like most people believe in. Never generalize people and assume you understand, not unless you have gone through that part of life and live through it.

For every fall we make, we eventually get back and rise again, but each time we rise, we loose some part of us and leave it behind in order to move on.
Do you agree?

So, from this day, I make a change. Everything needs to be categorize according to its own genre and purpose. I will post a link in connection to my other account in time.

I private also my twitter from this.. I guess I was upset in some radio station that I usually been listening on daily basis & a DJ whom I have a crush on… I guess its nice to dream and fool ourselves once in awhile, to be inspire…. but eventually live life as we know it. I do know where I stand.. between me and my DJ crush. Most people, fame gets in their head.