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I wrote this last night in my bed…

“Notes Of Codes”

Notes of codes under my pillow
Gonna sleep through the early night
Dreaming away with pixels, class and numbers
I can not move
I can not rest
Hoping someday or sooner
Solve my troubles and worries away
So to put my thoughts at ease
From this notes of codes ..Oh God please

..not much but I had to write something that really bugs me and my situation.


For 3 weeks now, I’ve been burning eyebrows in figuring out the CSS works to change some of the layout theme in my Tumblr account, since I really like the design. I just need to adjust a few and – I do mean a few… but it really taking so long.. though I figured out the other theme that I like, but I really prefer this one I’m using now. Its taking me a huge toll and its very frustrating.. Its not work related but still its stressful and I can’t move on until I finish my layout theme. I can’t put my mind at ease even. Constantly thinking and calculating things.. to be able to fit perfectly. So.. I will be posting everything that I’ve learn when I’m finally done with it!

*UPDATE: 05-22-11
In the end, I just lost interest in doing what I really wanted in that theme and just choose whatever, since it only serves as my extra hobby to post something. It really taken me so much time and sometimes we make the wrong decisions that we loose so much valued time and we can never bring that back again and the only thing we must do is to move on and continue the things we can do.

You can check the site I’m talking about inHERE