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There is an exhibit in Manila’s Cultural Center of the Philippines by a contemporary Filipino artist Medeo Cruz who calls himself “a visual artist who commonly tries to cross borders of discipline in producing my works.”

Cultural center chairwoman Emily Abrera was quoted as saying by, the online portal of the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper, last week that it was part of the artists’ duty to challenge prevailing beliefs.

“It is part of our culture to question, to seek answers, to look behind the surface and try to dig out what our real values are,” she said.

The archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, said Cruz and his supporters may have abused their freedom of expression.

He told church-run Radio Veritas on Monday that freedom entails “the responsibility not to attack cultures and the responsibility not to destroy the values of people.” 

Bienvenido Lumbera, who was declared a national artist for literature and chairs a group called Concerned Artists of the Philippines, said that the Philippine Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and the demand “to suppress the show smacks of the religious fascism.”

An introduction to Cruz’s work says it “speaks of idolatry and the deconstruction of neo-deities.”

It says the artwork seeks to depict “the transformation of the deity … to an epitome of neo-liberal economy.”

Art is a form of expressing ourselves in a manner of which we execute our work. It may or may not be understood by all but definitely may not cause an uproar that some people just wants to be known, whether in a good image or a crappy one, otherwise one does not really know the value and the meaning of the word itself.  

As an artist myself, I am NOT impress of his so-called “artwork”.  It is a lowest form of  making something. Is there some other way that he can do better as an artist??  (O_o) Seriously?  There is meaning in his work, (a bad one) but it’s not appealing and shows a sign of disrespectful in culture and religion. Try burn a sacred thing from any religious group, surely people will definitely be pissed at him.

He thinks of himself highly educated yet he doesn’t seem to understand about RESPECT and DISCIPLINE. Crossing borders simply imply having no rules, no ethics, no values and no direction/no point.. just non-sense.

If one questions culture, then mostly we can not avoid to find flaws in it. What is there to find? It is what it is.

Philippine culture and religion are influenced by the Spaniards in the early times and Christianity is the
majority religion.  read more Though, modernizations influence people, but let us not destroy any sense of value through culture, traditions and religion of people. Without it, who are we? People live without any sense of ethics, just seems lost. Values are the ones that guides us in who we are, to be a better person and if others disagree, just respect and let it be.

Freedom of expression, doesn’t excuse us to be disrespectful or cause to offend anyone and in any form, otherwise it’s simply called trash.

UPDATE: The exhibit is closed. We do have different ideas and opinions on what art is, but to create something experimental that questions the masses or the public, it is better to exhibit it in a more exclusive venue to avoid being judged and hated. But people must also learn how to calm themselves not to be brutal towards others mistakes or action. The whole purpose of this is know Art and not. Everything that we do that relates nature, science and other stuff that gives a sense of respect, grace, beauty, elegance and knowledge.. is (for me) Art.

NOTE: My apologies if my article seems to have an improper grammar or might be misspelled, just don’t be harsh in the way I write stuff. Everything I wrote here is just base on my opinion and mine alone.


Seriously??? O_o I don’t want to think much on politics and economy.. I don’t want to be rebel from it!

As far as I know, the people is suffering more than ever. I never heard any projects been done over a year. Majority of the people is still unemployed. Oil prices, electricity, commodities, are higher than ever! No support from any other organization that can benefit the people’s conservation of energy,life,  food and work in the country. The lack of budgets to serve the people’s interest .. still nothing, but the budget to reconstruct a vice president’s extravangant office is no question about it. or other superficial excuse for a project.

If he prioritize more on corruption, then it’s not enough for a 6year term to be fully free from it! Corruption takes plenty of hard word not only from the government but of the people. If only the people can see the TRUTH and FEEL it… others don’t because they are still not affected on this and they make excuses and defend the person who have already known what he must do to lead it.

Proverty – it’s a long time, major problem of the people and yet no one still have the plan to do so.. By now, there should have solutions or ways to improve our country’s problem, not some petty things to cover up what most people need… 

The Senate and other officials keep feeding us wrong solutions. Misleading us for what is more important. This country needs more jobs.. and I mean jobs here.. not in abroad. Focus more in education, livelyhood, alternative ways to produce more energy, with the help of ever founding new techniques and technology that can actually build new System. It’s better to make something of our own and not to rely on other countries support our system.

If only the people would just help each other and give up for once their selfishness of corrupting, specially in the government and think of the majority of the people’s lives! Our country would be alot better.

I am not against any administration. I am more concern deeply in our fellow citizens state of living and situation, because it is worst than before. I couldn’t care less in politics if it gone to worst.

The success of one’s country, lays on the situation of the people.

If he still can’t do anything about it, or even worsten the problem, then there is actually no difference from any of the other Presidents that came before him. The people expect more from him. Having high hopes and still nothing has been done… just petty alternative solutions. 

 Having done nothing wrong, simply doesn’t count,  if no good deed has been done either.  

Bonnie Bailey….

… who the hell is Bonnie Bailey??!  I’m sure she doesn’t own an alcholic drink… I don’t even know her, but I’ve search around google and it says that.. she is an independent musician. Her genre are kinda dance techno something.. something..

Honestly,  I really don’t give a damn about her… I’m sure guys are crazy about her. One of them is a guy whom I have a crush on and only now I’ve noticed it. He really likes her and worst… I click the link that Bonnie posted from my crush and I idiotly clicked “like” as well not knowing the story behind.. I don’t even “like”  dance, pop, techno music that much!

The link I’m talking about is this: Link  I’ve listen and saw this and without any bias… the music video / the images used doesn’t really fit the music. The beat is just  way too unappropriate from the images I’ve seen. Any emotional feel, when mixed with a fast pace dance beat, doesn’t seem authentic. The message of the song is nice… but I really don’t feel the message.  Its a disco dance music something .. for crying out loud! Its suppose to get you dance.. not to emote on it.. so why make post images that reflects on sad emotions??    

I think its better to make an independent music video that clearly shows dance moves and some dramatisation.  Its really unappropriate to make a song that tells emotional support since I find it unsincere. Improvise and I’m sure it doesn’t cost that much to make a dance video… it doesn’t need to have an usher / ne-yo like type of video, without any effects… Sometimes, it doesn’t need any effects to have an awesome dance video, from that, it will show how skillful an artist work. Effects only enhance a video, but the beat of the music carries all.