Sometimes I try to post and share stuff that I like and when that happens, some people steps in and loose my lime light in an instant. I don’t ask much for your attention just recognition.

Might as well stay in my place… where I belong.

*I think I’m over the facebook flu…  lost the interest of games and actually don’t give a crap on others status anymore. I think I’m free…. I can live without them and start doing stuff as I use to be.

Unblock some people / releasing myself from anger and despair and just think about myself since no one else does. Facebook is always going to be there and the games but I can no longer stay. and when the right time again came for me to return, I’ll do so.  For now, I don’t find it, unworthy full of mixed people both familiars and unknown and I just bare to exclude others, so I’m leaving…


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