0526 Worry For My Cat

I found out that my cat, name Catcat (I got nothing else I could think of a better name) is sick. A wound that caused of frequent scratch in the throat area which has sort of a lump.
I have great compassion for domesticated animals, since others tends to abandon / neglect them for they believe to be have no value. My heart goes to them, even some are not that obidient amd causing a huge mess in the house.

I do not want to read articles of any sickness of felines since I already once research it before because I have so many experience of cat problems because I have many. Its like my house is a santuary for stray cats..My mom and I feeds and takes care of them, but most my mom does it, since I go to work. During weekends I help and play with them as I can.

I worry everytime I go out to work, because sometimes my mom doesn’t monitor them and it might get worse. This is making me feel more stressful and frustrated ever. I can’t afford that much to go to the vet since I barely make an earnnings…thanks to the freakin’ economy and our government!!!! (one time I will definitely make a blog about that.. its just that its a long article.)

I only pray Catcat will get through his sickness without a vet help. I will make sure he will be taken care of like I did lastnight. I wish non of the cats may get sick ever and die… instead, let me have it.. I don’t mind… I can not have another sad experience of loss and death even for animals that are close to me.


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