0511 Wondering… What’s On Your Mind

Today, I can’t help myself just to be silent and keep wondering what others think about when they have a crush on someone.

I have made a message to a DJ/Jock whom I ask if what she thinks on his fans or his admirers if they want to get to know her better. Does she entertains those people who are interested in her or not? Does she thinks belittle on them if they acted like a wimp or too shy to express their admirations?

What if a girl is too chicken if she can’t do anything, just sending simple message and “poke him” in Facebook.??

An embarassing move I’ve made that I ask these questions to one of his colleage which is a female Jock, thought I sense that she is really nice, not a snob and stuck up person, that’s why I open up to her. Still, I humiliate myself to open up like that and letting her know that I have a crush on one of her fellow Jocks.. She did reply and she really can’t say on behalf of the other Jocks but as for her….. well… I’ll show you what her reply.

Scarlet Letter

After I send her a reply of thanks, I told her that eventhough I don’t know how my crush Jock thinks, I pretty much have an idea.. since she and her are in the same league. Actually, I cried and still crying thinking about this for somehow (oh crap, my colleage knows I cried) A sense of hopelessness came over me, that I will never be have the chance to be close to him… not ever..


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