0602 Why Do I Feel Jealous?

Jealousy… its a normal behavior when we feel… neglected or having a sense of envy around people who you find close to someone whom you have a crush on… well, that’s exactly how I feel… maybe because I really can’t get close to my crush (DJ) since I’m so held up in my work and I can’t even visit him in a radio studio, since non of my colleagues are into radio jocks, unlike those college groupies who tag along & try so hard to mingle with the in-crowd…..buy hey… that’s youth.. (been there.. done that- band days) Though, I never had a crush whose a radio Jock before, until now..

I remember the first time I try to participate in an interactive program of their radio program… Koji is the one who is first read my response… I never thought that he would read my comment on-air. I remember also, for the first time in my freakin’ life he greeted me on my birthday over the radio, on-air and I was so overwhelmed and its just surreal… its a big thing for me, since I never experience that before… Call it infatuation or something, but I do feel kinda jealous whenever others who had the chance to take photos with him and been with him and actually know the guy from a personal level.. Wish I was too.. just even to be close to him…


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