0531 Whoever’s Online

A friend of mine sent me a copy of her short chat with a friend of ours. We both are friends with this guy and works in M.E. The 3 of us have our own flinging moments before.. though I’m not sure if she is still has a thing for him.. mine’s totally gone. We only became friends through net and I consider Sherly my good friend. *I never have any close friends who is a guy. I don’t think they never understand the minds of girl nh unless they are one … I use to trust a guy whom I considered a close friend , but in the end, he really doesn’t know me well… Anyway, in that message, it seems that he just want someone to chat/talk to and he saw that my friend Sherly is on mobile mode, that appears to be online. She mentions to him that its nice to send me a message, since we both believe that he has a thing for me… (never believed its true) otherwise he would send me an offline even if I’m not around. That part right there shows that he never care for anyone, but himself. He only want someone to talk to, so he wont be bored and feeling alone, because he has nothing else to do.. He’s done doing stuff and he just want to kill time. Its kinda sad actually for me, that he never had the time to give any phone call or even a short offline just to say hi… instead she did choose Sherly. Well, I do treat others the same way as they have showed me. We all have a life to live anyway…


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