0520 Wanting Only Mine

No matter how much I avoid the feeling of jealousy, why do I feel it even if its just nothing. A sting that hits me when someone is mentioning my crush in a way that brings sweetness to its simple statement. Like a someone greeted him “Good night Sir Koji! I might visit th.. blah blah whatever”. I know its stupid of me… I just don’t know….
I guess when I like someone very much I want to think that he is mine, even if its really not. I think of him like a treasure that only I can appreciate and love and once others sees that or keep noticing him… I’m afraid I will have to let him go. The feeling of interest grows less, specially if he reciprocate that attention towards him.

That is more likely of me when it comes to guys. I don’t want others to give him attention. I know I am not enough for him, but when I like a guy, I do treat him special and would do anything just to let him know and feel that he is special to me and no one else. That is how I……. love.


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