0605 My Thing

Station I listen to

I’m just feeling kinda restless… since I usually listen to the radio and since I have a huge freakin’ crush on this a DJ..
Yesterday, I try to speak up and ask for a request song(to my crush)that I seldom hear from their play list, he didn’t… maybe they didn’t have that song I wanted.. who knows..I do feel sad abit, but I don’t have any grudge on him or anyone every time I ask for a request which I don’t usually do.. I’m more like a silent type, maybe because there’s really no one there to listen, so why bother.

Just like sending message to my crush on Facebook, trying to figure him out, since he doesn’t really interact…. *WHOA! I just heard him greet me!! I’m sure its my name!… Now, what’s got into him to greet me on-air? I never ask it… oh crap.. now I have to post something in his wall, since I do this for him every time he greets me on-air .. ehehe.. It’s my thing with him 😀 … I’m thinking about what he ask now (an interactive program)

koji moralez keeping you company til 2pm, enjoying the sunday and the playing you the best music on the planet… “what is the one thing that gets you relaxed no matter how stressed you are?”… post your responses right here… 😉

I’ll send first my post…

..Ok it’s done..I’ve posted something in his wall and I can shrink myself now…(not really into posting and showing feelings in public… shy type) people might think I’m really kissing ass, I’m not.. it’s just my thing since I’ve started it on my birthday… Oh boy! I have a feeling I’m putting myself again in a humiliating state…
Oh here’s the link.. LINK *I posted: No stress…just music and you ^_^ (not kissing ass, just the truth)


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