0524 I Could Never Imagine..

Hmmm… well… since stress is not an usually for me…

*1st,  I could never imagine…. that my crush DJ Koji bear wrote back after I send him so many messages that mostly feels like talking to myself..   one time I told him that exactly – like talking/ writing to myself. Humiliating to myself like so many times.. makes me think I’m isane or maybe he thinks I’m insane.. who keeps on writing.. sharing .. my non sense just to know him… and finally he did wrote back, maybe because of what I said… that I feel he choose his replies and I’m not one of them… and I ask if he’s mad or annoyed already from my constant writing to him and if so, he can easily let me know even if its unpleasant. I would undrstand..  and I told him about our net problem for 3days.  and its making me insane as well…  – so that’s probably is the reason why he wrote back..  (I’m guessing.) He apologize for not being able to write back since he is too busy and if he’s in facebook, he check some stuff for his work related..  and he gave me also some encouraging words .. I guess for the net problem and told me that I should not stress myself, life is somewhat…… I forgot that exact words he told me.. ehehehe..  and later again,  I read his message again,  since the 1st time I read it.. Iwas too overwhelmed that I really didn’t quite understand his message.. and later, it sounded like he’s a preacher.. since he told me about “Life”.. … I’m thinking, if this is the 1st and last time he’s going to reply……………  kinda sad because I wanted to know more about him, but how can I if he’s too busy? I really can’t force him to be close to him, if he’s too busy… 

*2nd, I could never imagine…  that I would want to stay alittle longger in the office since we haven’t had net connection for 3days and I’m still hooked…  because I’m still writing my journal after work time is already past…. I better be going hen… ciao..


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