0608 Nigel Barker And Me

Nigel Barker from "America's Next Top Model"

For the very first time I dream of Nigel Barker last night. No sex I’m just somewhat a friend since in my dream he was somehow showing me or teaching me how to draw… As we wait for Tyra, in his apartment building, he draw some kind of design using crayons and he smudged and scrape some to make it look better. He was very good at it – drawing.. surprisingly. Before that, he was in some part of Europe and I think he has a photo shoot.

Isaac Mizrahi from "The Fashion Show"

Tyra and Isaac ( like bff in my dream and Tyra is his gf ) called and they were supposed to meet in some kind of glassed building resto to have lunch / or dinner with the other models. In my dream they were sitting in some kind of elevator with somewhat steel garden bench that hangs… like a swing type.. (weird but its a a dream) and as they wait, Isaac flash a mirror that gestures like a signal which light reflects on it and from that, Nigel and I saw their location from a building. There were models, but I don’t see their face clearly.. I don’t even met Tyra since she didn’t showed up in his place because I woke up… 🙂

*It’s weird since I’m into Nigel and I wasn’t thinking of anything that related to the shows or fashion. So I had to write this down so I won’t forget this weirdness.


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