0608 Koji Poke Alert

Also today, I thought I wouldn’t get any poke from Koji (my crush) since he has been in FB posting a video, commenting to his friends etc and I was waiting for it the whole day, but only just now I saw he did.. though I decided not to poke him for now. I was feeling depress. I don’t know.. maybe because of the weather (raining all day and I didn’t go to work today) just feeling bad. I guess it’s about what I’ve sent to him in the message and having the idea of he has a relationship to one of his co-worker, just makes me sad… and he haven’t been replying to my messages, even though he is so busy. Every person gives time to someone who has great value and I feel I’m not. (I understand, I’m just a fan) It’s really hard to try to know someone whom you really like and admire even if you are making a fool of yourself to continue to try… it’s just sad.

Here’s a message supposedly I was going to send, but choose a short one instead.. …..

I have written too much yesterday and some are just.. not thinking… I am sorry… hope you are ok.. always keep safe.. peace.. bye ♥


Unsend message

Hello, yesterday was bad for me, I’m sorry. A lot have been written and I wish I could just erased it all..
I decided not to bother you anymore with my constant messaging..
I just figure to poke you the first time, to see if you are alive or just ignore it.. thank you… If I offend or annoyed you.. I did not mean it..
You were the very first that acknowledge me.. the first time I try post a comment on your interactive question. It was memorable & overwhelming and the 1st time I experience a birthday/ greet on-air, even I didn’t ask it.. thank you again for everything.. I hope you are well. I wish I had known you more, but I understand.. keep safe Koji! You are my #1 fave DJ.. ❤ your fan


When you do feel sad, it’s better to keep it to ourselves / write it down or be silent for no one ever wants to know a sad story. Probably I will lie low in facebook.. No one in my list knows about my journal here. It’s better.

* I wanted to poke him back badly, but somehow I’m feeling a shame because I written so much making me like a total idiot…

Less Talk, Less Mistake


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