0811 Wall

Bonnie, you can have Koji all to yourself or even share him with Raine. I give up!!!

I decided to put all friends in facebook into groups. All the DJ’s and related to be active in radio are in one group. My co-workers today are also segregaded. I figure it’s easier for me to choose in groups wheather who I wanted my wall be seen and everything I post. I disable my co-workers and all related in radio, even Koji.

Raine just makes me feel sad knowing she has a crush on Koji and there’s nothing I can do, she has an huge advantage. Its bad enough for me that Koji have no interested in me and found out that he made a comment to his long time crush.. Bonnie freakin’ Bailey!!! In that moment I was really pissed that I posted a curse in my wall(only me can see)and let it out, but still knowing this, just made me feel depress and … I give up. I stopped poking him back and disable my Wall to all the DJs and everyone related. As if they will look into my page or give a comment. No one from them do anything for me. Specially from Koji, I wanted him to notice me but nothing. I don’t listen as often in his radio station as before. Just wanted to forget my infatuation in him. I try to listen to other stations, but somehow I wanted with no Dj’s speaking. There is this station that plays music all the time with no DJ’s but their songs are just to ballad for me and I wanted Alternative music.

I was depress by the fact that some wise crack person posted a comment for me with foul words and that made me feel insecure, but whatever topic I choose to post and how I write it. I can’t be cripple by that. They don’t know me and no matter how cruel people make comments and the use of foul words, it only reflects on what kind of character they really are no matter how smart they think they are.
For the record, I haven’t degrade anyone using harsh words even I wanted to, but just can’t and for this I do beileve that I am not free! Freedom is just a myth for me, for if it were, I would be killing people or curse anyone I dislikes without even thinking about respect and ethics.


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