0809 Crush Been Crushed

Decided to write about today, though there are plenty of things that happened but as of now, I think of Koji.

I checked his twitter… (confused by the spelling) and did you know that all about koji / address to him, also are shown. I saw this girl tweeted:

“Hhmm… @koji_moralez’s kisses are so good! Hahaha! (that’s what I said). >:D”

She is a trainee in a radio station where Koji (DJ) works. I heard her name a couple of times before greeting her on-air. For what I assume, she is really into a Jock groupy kind a way. Active in radio DJ life.

Koji is my crush, eventhough he doesn’t give a shit about me.. He never greets me on-air. He never replys my messages. He simply don’t want to even mention my freakin’ name – PORTIA on-air, even I try to post comment or request a song. He just doesn’t mention a name! and when I hear the name PORTIA, I’m thinking it’s not me, since there’s no reason why and I pressume it’s not me, (one in his friend’s list.. also some high class media person). I feel he really doesn’t want to even mention my name.. or acknowledge me. It really hurts and after I saw this trainee tweet, just made me feel depress. I was feeling depress before, but it adds up today.

Though, it seems he just ignores her crushing on him, still I feel just the same, since he did mentions her, greeted her and be with her (work place) while I’m just stuck here at my place of work and even if I wanted to visit the studio, I don’t have anyone who can accompany me.

There is this event that will take place on Aug 12 Friday and I just lost the will to even consider anymore, since It’s for the youth and I don’t even feel the bands playing. I don’t know who they are, so practically it’s for the kids. And I’m not a kid. Raine would be there(trainee) and I’m sure no one really cares if I’m not coming. It sure is hell Koji doesn’t. All the jocks are in one side and the ordinary people are in the other side. No point in going.

I wanted to avoid any that will remind me of Koji or anything from that radio station. I wanted to remove my wall to them since they never notice my post anyway, but I know it’s rude and I don’t to be rude…
I guess I just don’t listen to 99.5 since I’m not as often as before, since I miss my own favorite songs. MP3 cuts it….

Con’t… got to go home..


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