0727 – Bad Weather, Not Good



 I do not like the rain… the rain makes me feel even worst.. depress..

Thinking of Koji. He doesn’t go on-air today and the last time he got off 1 hr earlier. (Monday)

I think he will never going to poke me back ever again… I never got the chance to see any feeds from him that was posted by him even from Scarlet ( her pic placed on her wall profile) Sometimes I feel that he blocks me whenever he posted something. It reminded me about “Double Standards”  it only applies to a certain group of people that has the previlegde of something… in others… exclusively posting and choosing only who they prefer. Knowing that, it depress me also…  that’s why I choose to post something I made.. just an example, since I’m not comfortable in post this in my facebook account where all in my list can see.. I wanted to do the same as Koji did, but I don’t want anyone who feels left behind or having a double standards like they did. It’s all or no one at all is for me.

I guess I prefer to post in here for strangers than people I know in facebook. Strangers don’t care.. but then again…there’s no difference also in facebook either…. 

I really don’t know why I’m not comfortable in facebook. I feel being judged everytime I post something but the crazy thing is I know no one really gives a damn what I post.. specially Koji.. If only I can even access this on my mobile. I can directly write it in here rather than on my notes there. I can’t even custom my notes either! Like not showing at all as a default.

*animated .gif  is not working on this site… crap! It leaves me no choice….


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