0716 Credits And Recognitions

Alot have been change over the days…

Kittens been born this July. I just hope all will survive! Been giving abit vitamins to all and so far no stress at home. Thank God!

I stopped poking Koji , sending simple images, “like”  and comments last Thursday, since I’m just too tired of making an effort to be known or whatever. Just wanted to be a friend, but I can’t keep forcing myself to someone who obviously don’t give a damn. I’ve been tying to show some support every time he’s on board – clicking “like” everytime he post something, just to let him know I’m tuned in for him, but he doesn’t sees that and don’t care! He greets others… his old friends, but not me! Depressing and a bit pissed, but there’s nothing I can do, except to move away from him and forget that he’s even my admiration… I remove all that I saved, every time he pokes me back…. just doesn’t make sense anymore to keep it since it doesn’t have any value anymore. I just don’t believe him anymore.. trying to be nice… Everybody can be nice, but in a certain level only. … just a shallow nice.. he still a certified snob. Tha’t what I feel for his character.. same goes his buddy also in radio Neil. One time, I heard they talked about a caller who is mad at him and doesn’t really like his attitude… He only values his collegue but never a listener.

How can one continue to support or like someone who clearly doesn’t  appreciate the people around them or give much of a recognition? It’s useless…. I wanted to avoid ever hearing Koji’s voice and the problem with this JAM Radio, is their songs sucks most of the time. It’s not my type of music… so it leaves me with watching TV or Movie or MP3…. It’s  a good thing.. in a way, so to avoid FB and wasting my time on playing FarmVille. I know there is no sense in that, but waste. though Facebook have the purpose to connect people from my past, so I have nothing against that. I can control myself .. keeping the balance of the internet and the Real world here is always a must, to remind us what’s our priorities in life really is.  And weekend is a time to relax with no commitment.

Last week is about taking credits. Sometimes, I’m pissed with the people I work, special another graphic artist name Edcell. He’s been working with the company before I cam and all came to him. Yesterday, my design for an ad have been chosen to be published and there was some corrections and the Boss talked to him about it. I was there also as Edcell just listens. He never mention me as the one who made it and I should be the one to approach. Edcell said nothing and when our Boss was gone he told  me the corrections. Observing Edcell’s reactions, he seems proud because The Boss thinks that it’s his damn design. Every time this happens to me.. no given credit made for me. Of course I can’t say anything that’s been eating me inside, since I’m new compare to him. I keep it all inside me. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong to want some credit or recognition once in awhile, it fuels to do better and to continue… I know I’m not that too selfish to ask alittle, but somehow it’s just remind people the value ones being…  same goes to my situation to Koji.. and I can’t give value to anyone who doesn’t gives any credit to me.


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