0627 Just Tears

My Kat

This last few days, weekend is a hard time for me. I am worried for my pet cat. 3yrs old male and he is sick for days.. having a Abcsess in the leg part. He hasn’t been eating for days, barely drinks and has a fever too.. My mom and I just force him to stick food and meds.. and at first it’s best to get him to a vet clinic, but we barely have the money for it..
Yesterday, we did went and I felt sad for him… too weak and afraid of a new place.. He is out of his comfort zone and I felt that in him.. We could just slice the lump since I already research it and it’s possible to do it at home, but no one have the guts to do it. My mom and me just can’t slice it or just puncture a lump.. so we went to the vet.

During the weekend, I just felt sad and tired since I stayed late just checking him. We let him in the house since usuallly he and the rest is outside but not in the streets. We have a compound and we let open the door in our storage room. Many times I cry because my mom and I just agrued. She is a neat freak and sooo cautious. She keeps insisting to wash my hand or just keep clean… It’s hell for me… All I want is to comfort my cat. She is soo afraid that I might get sick as well… I know my body and I don’t usually get sick. I would rather get sick than any pets I own because I know I can survive it. Having that mind set as same as to my mom, just sucks the spirit in me to help my cat.. and that made my cry before we headed to the clinic. Having a sick cats are so stressful and difficult than having a dog. (1) They multiply easily, (2) high risk of kitten dying since we can’t afford to go to the vet clinic and buy vitamins and meds everytime something is wrong.

We never keep any cats in ur place they just happen to be in the property and from that time on they multiplied. 2 sets of family of stray cat. I am not complaining but I feel sorry for not having good home for them, I’m not that rich to go to the vet easily.. and I feel it’s better just to stay in their comfort zone, even if they are sick. I think they would prefer that, to be in their home. I just wish I can do something to all of their sickness. I wish they be sick forever and just let me. Whenever I think about it, I cry. .. even right now.

Friends For Sale

And today, tears also rolled down because I saw that in FFS in my facebook. A friend whom I once known, bought me, even I closed that game months now. He bought me 3 days ago, and I just cry because we are not friends anymore. I remove him and never talked to him or accept his invitation (until he cancel it) I just simply left him without any word of goodbye or explainations that time. I was mad and I just forget our friendship ever existed. He don’t usually see me, only his other nurse friends, fond of nurses bec. KSA has lots of freakin’ Pinay nurse. So I gave him up to his other friends.. thinking I am worthless and I don’t matter even if I’m gone.

But for now, I’m think of my cats left at home with my neat freak / over protective mom, but I love her…

If you have to be bored and got nothing else to do… make a blog, write stuff that you want and like… and for sure you will be busy as hell. I got 3 blog site and each are different themes.. it’s too stressful and I thought it’s just killing time. Now I got no time..


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