0617 Goodbye Twitter – Turn Off

I decided to remove my Twitter account, I have no use of it since …. I just turned off by Koji having to add /accept a local playmate. Just dissappoints me. I’m not insecure or jealous.. Heck! Koji didn’t know I exist! He doesn’t even give a damn about me, I’m just a fan of him and nothing more… Who am I to to him.. nobody..

I have nothing against in playmates, I know for sure it’s all just a strategy just to attract more listeners and it’s kinda.. sad & pathetic. I’m fond of the music they are playing, but I think I have grown lessen of it. I guess because of the change in time. Change in programs… I find it now NOT to be habitual & unattached. I can miss any program of them without even feeling guilty.

As for my DJ crush Koji…. the person I admire… the one I look up to, just fallen. I actually shed tears when I saw news feeds in FB that he has a Local platmate in his list. (w/ a profile that is almost butt naked at his backside) Do you even think that she can possibly be respected? To act sweet and innocent? Childish? with a pic like that? And to be hearing that his family is stricted… it’s kinda more like crap to me…

Probably I will block my feeds to the DJ’s that I have in my list from now on… CRAP! I’ve tried it and it’s not what I wanted… I can’t customise just to hide my feeds to other DJs.. so they would that I’m not active anymore in my FB or just left it… (like they care) I guess that leaves my no choice but to stay silent in my feeds… I guess it’s just time to finally let go of ideals in Koji… I have posted my last youtube feeds and it fits… I give up on Koji…(He poke back, during his shift) but I haven’t poke him back… Does it really matter to him if I don’t?? (not matter at all)…

Thank you Koji, you’ve been an inspiration to me.. I’ll keep you in good memories.. I wish you would let me know you more.. I give up and let myself just fade away and be forgotten.. that is life.


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