Notes From The Grave is a site where most of  my thoughts and experience are written and publish.  A question about life, relationship, society and religion are also included in my own perspective.

I am an artist in my 30’s. Have the passion for animals, arts, poetry, crafts and music.

I find darkness in life more interesting and profound than showcasing the usually love, cheery mood in life, which is conventional for me. Darkness can bring great understanding and helps you accept and move on easily. It helps develops a sense of  Hope in life. For without darkness, we can never appreciate the light. (make sense?.. don’t know)

Call me weird, crazy, morbid, emo, off beat… I am who I am. To know yourself, is finding strength 🙂

Prefer to write so I wont forget, yet sometimes specially bad things in the past are better left buried deep.


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