Holding On And Letting Go

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Journal

In spite of everything – all the pain and constant tears.
The mistreatment and negligence I now take.
I was holding on to something that I once seen and felt in him.
The goodness of his heart and the love hoping to grow
He was the first and I wanted to believe he will be the last and that kills me that it ends.

I refuse to believe then that there is no hope in him to change.
To be unselfish and compassionate.
To trust in people once again.
To find peace and learn after what he has gone through.
Never let his fear of failure or the past come between of rebuilding his life again.
Hoping to be his by side, through thick or thin.

I too know that the World is cruel and ruthless,
but the difference between him and me:
I try not to let the World change me that way
that is why I suffer more, taking the pain of false hope and dreams.
To fully trust and love unconditionally.
Accepting everything that he is today..

No point in fighting for something that one chooses to end it already.
I can only PRAY for myself that I still believe in everlasting happiness
and True Love still prevails in this cruel World in the end.
Hope is lost??….


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