Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Journal
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I keep wondering why wont you tell me the truth?!
that you stayed over to your beloved friend’s (girl) house and litterally slept together
instead you just keep lying to my face
that you love me and not her
you wanted her to be the one to tell the truth?
Clearly you never were man enough.
You never were father enough for your son either

Why don’t you redeem yourself to tell the truth
that you don’t love me anymore
to leave you alone
to break my heart and crush my soul
To be the villian that you really are
to save yourself from guilty conscience
that I may leave you instead?

Why do you still hold my hand when were together
kiss and hug me as we sleep together
Why do you lie to my face that you love me?
Stop using me if you’re sick of me.

After all I did and love you
If you really wish to be free, then say so
Give both ourselves closure and end this facade
forget each other be rid of you knowing

But this I say, I will never forgive you
You and your beloved friend (also her cousin)
will suffer your fate for crossing me.
Ungrateful bastard.
As long as I live, my heart is fueled by fury
that someday you will be sorry
that you created a monster from your fooling games you play
This I swear!


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