Enigmatic Curiousity

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Poetry
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There is something about him that I can’t seem to let go.

Trying to figure him out everything about him.

His moods. His attitude. The way he thinks.

Why am I so damn freakin attached??!!

Am I obssessed??

Am I so curious to know his character,

that I’m willing to be drawn to him??

Risking my values and traditions of the old ways

(sounds like LOTR) middle earth??

Sometimes I find myself being lost without him.

That I do not know if we part ways

I don’t want to be literally insane.

For I might lose my life.

It really doesn’t make sense,

why I am damn attracted!

I am like a snake that wraps around him.

but I don’t want him to suffucate by my obssessions.

That even the smallest behavior tends to give meaning

by my constant observations and analysis.

I’m afraid I might lose my pride

just to be close, even if I’m tired, I still go on.

But when I’m with him, I don’t feel tired like a heavy burden.

I feel normal, even if I lack sleep or my head hurts.

I just don’t know why!

I don’t want to be depended on someone,

whom I am not sure of what he thinks and feels for me.

I’m sure of I what I feel and it will never fade.

How about him?

For that is the question I truely seek

UPDATE: 02.15.12

Damn! After reading this again… way too extreme




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