Do you really think that we free?

As for me, I don’t think so. Freedom is just a myth in my book – If it were, there wont be any laws to abide, ethics or conscience to uphold me in any way. Be judged upon by people.

We are entitle of free will to make our own choice of actions, but no matter how we make our own decisions, there is always someone who judge us for good or bad things we do. Law and ethics restrict us from ever doing anything we want, though I’m not complaining, for without these responsibilities, we have no order in life.

Freedom of expression…. freedon of speech … or freedom itself, is simply a word. It’s like a glass jar that only can be seen beyond the borders, yet felt the boundaries that keep us back.

Freedom truely exist those who are mentally ill, or maybe criminals, the rebels that goes against the system… that is freedom. Without guilt, without responsibility.. without restriction from the law and society. And if people practice their freedom… good luck with them for in my mind, I am not free.



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