Antipolo…When we hear Antipolo, we think kasoy(cashew), suman, and for what’s known for is the church. The Pilgrimage City. And according to my reference; Antipolo (officially: “City of Antipolo”, Filipino: Lungsod ng Antipolo) is a city in the Philippines located in the province of Rizal; about 25 kilometers east of Manila. It is the largest city in the Calabarzon Region in terms of population. It is also the seventh most populous city in the country with a population of 633,971 in 2007. It serves as a major suburb outside Metro Manila…. link … and all that blah.. blah..

Last week, I decided to visit a mass before going home from work and the priest mention this project of the government that propose to give more space in speaking of parking, since most tourist visit the place, specially the church. I admit that I don’t participate in any church or social community in our place and when it comes in politics… I really don’t give a crap… I really don’t believe any politicians whatsoever. No matter how they say promoting anti-corruption, or good they are, I still have no faith in them for they are all the same. Specially the country suffers great poverty and calamities. It’s all in each politician that sits and governs.

(Left) Multi-Level Complex (Right) Antipolo Church

I do notice that the priest is talking about a building that is very near to the church. At first, the proposal is to have a 70% parking space and 30% rate for other “multi-level parking crap” so they agree to go for the project, but last Monday, the priest is informing us that only 30% rate will be for parking and the rest are for commercial complex. Basement and ground floor will only serve as a parking space while the rest is for commercial stores and others. There is a signing petition going on to avoid the conflict that will be soon strike each and every citizen resides in Antipolo once this Commercial Complex is opens.. and they say it’s a “Multi-Level Parking Complex” A piece of B.S.!!! I tell yah. Who would change the plans for that? Who is really the idiot that approved and agreed to this brainless change of plans??! They mislead the church and the citizen. In short, no matter what excuse they say, bottom line .. they lie!!! AND FOOLED everyone!! I smell a bad odor of corruption and morons running this town..

Reading the original plan for this “Multi-Level… crap”:

“P290-million multi-level parking complex to rise soon in Antipolo

ANTIPOLO CITY — In pursuance of the long-term vision of Mayor Victor Sumulong to make Antipolo a tourism hub, a multi-level parking complex (MLPC) costing P290 million will be constructed on a lot located at the corner of M.L. Quezon Ave. and P. Oliveros St. in Barangay Dela Paz, this city.

The lot is owned by the city government.

“Malapit na itong simulan, at isa-isa na nating ginigiba ang mga apektadong spaces gaya ng Sumulong Park, Antipolo auditorium at iyong Fire Department (this project will start soon, and we are now clearing the affected spaces like those occupied by the Sumulong Park, Antipolo auditorium and Fire Department),’’ Mayor Sumulong said.

The MLPC project, as proposed by Mayor Sumulong and approved by the sangguniang panlungsod through passage of Resolution No. 2008-177, will be implemented on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) agreement that provides for a 25-year lease. Read more

Take note it’s a 290M project and in the end they changed the plans at the very last moment. If this “multi-level thing opens, instead of having more space around the vicinity of the church, it would turn out to be crowded, for its a commercial complex, more people and less space. The streets around is already narrowed and the fact that it’s just a walking distant to the church. My God! Give some respect! Tourist didn’t visit this place to shop. They visit to pray and paid respect.

As a citizen of this town, I am deeply pissed of the idea and the approval of this project of ever continuing to build, for it clear shows the lack of consideration and lack of study in the matter. Having a commercial complex in front of the church is a definitely a sign of poor thinking and poor management. Making profit is not an excuse to be insensitive and blinded with investment for the city that is known to be a Pilgrimage City. The cost of making a wrong decision will be definitely be felt by the towns people. Let us not destroy a culture that is weaken by modernization and bad investment, for with out culture, we lose our own heritage.

Antipolo Church


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