Sad Songs

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Music
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Like most people, I do love to listen to music. I appreciate different kinds of genre, but not much in rap and jazz. I don’t even like dance, disco techno type music.. since I’m not into disco.. I never even step foot on that kind of place… I’m more into bands stuff so… disco and pubs are not my thing, but I wish I would like to experience it before I die… ehehe..

Anyway, melodramatic, love songs are fine with me even when I’m feeling depressed and lonely…  I usually listen mellow songs on the radio during night time when i’m about to sleep. Its sort of a lulluby for me.. I usually listens to the radio 24/7 .. because it opens up new songs out there and for me not be secluded since I’m already having my own freakin’ world…

Love songs don’t have any effect on me, since I don’t cry from songs. (I admit that I’m very emotional)… but only 2 songs in particular made an impact on me the 1st time I heard it… Just tears rolled down my face.. because it really has a sad vibe to it that I really can’t explain.. here is the 2 songs that is very memorable even I didn’t experirence this..  (1 song)  but te 2nd one, just remind me of a lost friend I had before..

You can check what songs I’ve cried: LINK


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