Sometimes words can’t express what we feel and think.. so we tend to keep it to ourselves and hide all the sorrows inside..
They say the eyes is the window of one’s soul. It’s also the foundation of ones character and expressions.

I saw this particular artist’s site.. in Deviant and I thought to myself “If only I could have the things I want and with alot of time to spare, I could have made something that I love to do.. without the pressure of work ad be free. Sometimes… and that only means, sometimes…  I envy those artists who are really really good in both traditional and digital arts and
the people who have no obligations to provide but themselves, though I’m single without any children and never been married. I have an obligation for my mom.  I’m not complaining because I love her.. I only feel the burden that I carry sometimes. .

*Note: This image is somehow similar to my profile style, though I didn’t realize  what my thoughts are then. That time, I just feel like not showing my face.


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